Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Are you paid by E.A. to review his work positively?”

No, absolutely not. In fact, you’ll find that I do not praise his work 100%!

  • “Why review his material then?”

I love the occult, and he is my favorite author!

  • “When did you first discover his writing?”

I uncovered his book “Kindgoms of Flame” over a decade ago, and ever since I have been hooked. I found it to be the most original and creative work on the occult I’d ever read- and still believe this.

  • “Will you review other authors’ works?”

Probably not, to be honest. I already have a heavy work load progressing through E.A.’s new material, and I work a day job as an artist, so it’s not likely I’ll have time to cover other people’s work.